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I’m Ed Murphy and I want to welcome you to E. Bennett Murphy Marketing.  I’m both the creator of this site and a successful online marketer.


I created this site because I wanted to cover the  pitfalls that people who are new to online marketing may face as well as teach people how to have a better chance for success. You’ll find information, articles and products added monthly on topics that cover:

  • Recognizing the right business,
  • Selling techniques,
  • How to advertise and where,
  • Things to do and not do when starting an online business,
  • How to use social media, 
  • Building lists
  • Creating Profit Funnels
  • How to use squeeze pages and landing pages
  • Training videos
  • And much more


 A new training video will be coming out in early 2018 which will cover all the things that no one has told you about when starting an online business.  


One big thing I have learned over the years is no one online markets knows everything.  There are a lot of so called guru’s that are experts in different parts of online marketing.  Some are great with affiliate marketing, some with PLR, and others are the best when it comes to e-commerce.  That being the case, I will  be introducing you to training videos done by other online marketers that I feel have something that will help with you online education.


The following is an overview of the site. 

What To Expect

question-mark-3If you read the “About Ed ” page you will learn a lot about me and what you can expect from my articles.  One important thing is that everything I write about is from actual experiences. There are no spin articles or information taken from other sites, as many online sites tend to do.


If I talk about specific businesses, whether traditional or online, it’s because I now own or have owned that specific type of business. You’ll find out the real pros and cons of online businesses. When I talk about scams, for example, it’s because I’ve been taken a few times myself over the years and I want to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.  If I talk about how to advertise online, it’s because I have done it. 

What Not To Expect

Don’t expect hype.  You’ll get just the facts.  Many online site authors will tell you that, “you are just like them”.  When actually they don’t know you.  You could be ten times better than they will ever be or maybe not as good in business as they are. Many sites will show you bank accounts with large deposits hoping to really excite you. You’ll never see me showing my bank accounts because what I make is not relevant to what you may earn.  I won’t be showing you my home, or cars, or summer home.  Again, not relevant.  What is relevant to you is, “Can you make a good or better than average living with the advice given?  


online marketingSuccess Or Failure It All Starts With You
No matter what you learn from me or any other online marketer, the only person that can make you successful is you. I can show you how, I can give or recommend certain products, articles or even other marketers to learn from, but it is all up to you as to what you do with it.  People are making money everyday online.  Some are doing thousands a month, while others are starting out and making five-hundred or maybe less a month.  But you can be successful, it just takes, time, learning everything you can about online marketing and sticking with it.


Thank you again for visiting E. Bennett Murphy Marketing and I hope that the articles, videos, products and the training you find here will be of value in your hunt for an online success.


I look forward to comments form visitors.  Please feel free to leave a comment below.  I try to get back to everyone within 24 hours.









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In being transparent, please note that some of the products offered are affiliates.  I do derive a commission from.  It would be great if you used my link, but if you prefer going directly to the affiliate, that’s also fine.  All products offered are products I have used in the past or I am still using.  These are the only type of products I make available to my visitors or students.